About Us

Wasted is an impact-driven startup based in Amsterdam with two female co-founders at the helm. The company (and app) was born from the insight that globally more than 77% of people want to live more sustainably, but don’t know how or what to use.

With the amount of sustainable blogs, influencers, non-profit organizations and activist groups working together to fight plastic pollution, we knew there needed to be something more. Something we could put in the palm of people’s hands, so they could make small step-changes every day.

That’s why Wasted is the only app that rewards you for reducing plastic from your life. Wasted has since been a top-ranked graduate from the Founder Institute accelerator program (May) and plans to launch globally in the Fall 2021.

Our ultimate mission is to not exist. If we create global behavioral change and get plastic waste to Zero, then our mission is complete and we have earned ourselves some free time.


Our Mission

At WASTED, we believe every person has the power to be part of the plastic solution. By changing our behaviors, step by step, we can eliminate the need for single-use plastic and consume more sustainably.

We believe individuals can create real change, and together, we make a BIG impact. Our ambition is to raise millions of life-long plastic fighters across the world.

Let’s get wasted.


The Team


Elisha Weeber

CEO & Co-Founder



Meredith Mogensen

Co-Founder & Business Director



Francesca Miazzo

Board Member


Michelle Leo

Board Member


Estelle Roux-Stevens

Board Member